Baby baptism: ready for the party?

Baby baptism: ready for the party?

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Religious or civil baptism, you chose to baptize your little one? Choice of the ceremony, civil or religious, organization of the day, role of godparents, shopping ideas ... we take stock of this big day!

Religious or civil baptism, diferences

Faith is the main difference between religious and civil baptism. If believers generally turn to religious baptism, atheists are not necessarily forced to renounce it because they can opt for civilian sponsorship. Overview of both types of ceremonies.

 Baby baptism: the role of godparents, godmother

Your little one will soon be baptized? You have organized everything in the slightest details to celebrate this special event as it should be. However, one question remains: what exactly will be the role of the godfather and the baby godmother during the ceremony?

Baby baptism: how to organize it

Some parents make the choice to solemnly appoint their child's godfather and godmother during a baptismal ceremony. Whether civil or religious, baptism is a family event that requires careful preparation. Here are our tips to make this event unforgettable.

Baptism: our selection

Religious or civil baptism ... pretty outfits and beautiful gifts are out! Discover the selection of writing to celebrate the baptism of your baby love!


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