DIY Easter chick

DIY Easter chick

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This cute chick coming out of his shell will come to decorate the house or hide in the garden with Easter eggs. An easy DIY to make with your chicks to you!

DIY Easter Chick (7 pics)

I need

1 egg box
Yellow, white and brown paint (gouache or acrylic)
2 moving eyes
A pair of scissors
Orange Canson paper
2 snowballs of different sizes.

Step 1

Cut out one of the cones that separate the eggs in the boxes and cut off the tip so that it can stand.

2nd step

Paint it in a white cream composed of white paint and a hint of brown paint. Pass 2 layers if necessary.

Step 3

Take a small and a large snowball (2 balls of Styrofoam in the recreation and creative stores) and paint them in yellow with a big brush.

Assemble them with a dot of glue when they are dry.

Step 4

Then cut out a small triangle, to make the beak, and two paws in the orange paper.
Glue the eyes and the beak on the head, then the paws under the body.

Step 5

Once everything is dry, put the chick in its shell and let the orange claws fold slightly over the top.
And here, your chick is born!

Council +

You can put it in its shell on a nest of raffia, feathers, or in the middle of small multicolored eggs for the final touch.

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