Spring crafts to share

Spring crafts to share

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Your little handymen were probably waiting for the beautiful days with impatience! From the village of Indians in tufts of grass to the home garden through a pretty windmill duck ... discover our DIY special nature ideas to impress and occupy.

Karine Ancelet

Spring crafts to share (15 photos)

DIY: the village of Indians

Who said we could not do beautiful things with grass? Here's how to make a little masterpiece like no other ... a village of Indians! A really nice and especially original DIY.

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DIY: the spring bouquet

Cui, cui ... Surrounded by paper flowers, this bird on its branch is thrilled. Make this spring DIY together ... that can make a nice gift idea.

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DIY: the steamboat

Here is a recycled craft that will please your sailor! With a box of empty milk, offer him to make a nice steamboat. To play in the bath or on a lake.

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DIY: the duck windmill

We play with the wind? This pretty windmill duck is a good activity ideas to propose to your little do-it-yourselfers. Come on, we'll blow our secrets to make it!

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DIY: the game of throwing rings

Rolls of paper towels, leaves, paint ... and presto! Here is a funny ring game that will entertain your little tribe during a holiday or birthday party.

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DIY: wildflowers

Here is a pretty bouquet of spring that will never fade ... In their pot, beautiful flowers in glitter, pearls and felt. why not give it to mom for her birthday?

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DIY: the home garden

A diy to understand that fruits and vegetables do not grow in the supermarket, but in nature. And that they will love your budding gardeners!

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DIY: the dog rally

Here is a DIY made with rolls of toilet paper that will please them. then to them to organize a race with small dogs driving cars. Too strong !

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DIY: the herb gardener

Plant, pack, water, cut ... and admire. It does not take more to create a colorful and fragrant planter. At your plantations!

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DIY: the spring garden

Here to celebrate the beautiful days a beautiful personalized garden decorated with funny characters to achieve 4 hands with your apprentice handymen.

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Do-it-yourself: we adopt a nice butterfly at home

How about adopting some butterflies at home. A good way to discover the cycle of life by creating a greenhouse in a jiffy.

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DIY: the observation anthill

And if you enjoyed the beautiful days to make an anthill observation with your children? An idea of ​​DIY easy to achieve and that your budding naturalists will love!

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Do-it-yourself: the grassman

Potting soil, a stocking and some seeds ... That's what you need to make a man with grass hair. It's your turn !

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DIY: the messengers of spring

To decorate the room or to expose in the garden, a garland of small animals announcing the spring.

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Do-it-yourself: pebble caterpillar

Pebbles ... children love to pick them up on the beach or the paths while strolling. Why not take the opportunity to do a DIY?

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