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Colo, instructions for use

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She looks funny, this colo Learners farmer ... you would register your little vacationer. But is not he too young? And is this stay adapted? The round of your questions with our specialists.

My child, from 4-5 years, is he ready to leave?

  • In the morning when you arrive at school, can your child easily separate without a crisis? Does he play with friends rather than alone in his corner? Does he enjoy sleeping with his grandparents? Is he comfortable on birthdays? If everything seems affirmative, then yes he is ready to live this rich experience. Self-sufficient, especially on a psychological level, your child will be able to adapt to new situations.
  • But be careful, on the condition that you too, parents, feel ready! You have to be able to encourage it, to trust it and to the animators. It's an educational act to leave him five days without you. If you do not live with this in mind, it's better to go back a year or two. There is no urgency to put your child so young in the colony.

Should he choose his colony with me?

  • To give it a choice seems a bit artificial. A toddler can not visualize, imagine the activities ... You know your child better than anyone. For example, you know if he is passionate about animals.
  • Many organizations offer care for farm animals or ponies for this age group. Naf Naf, Gideon ... your child will love to name them. These pets are part of his imagination, rhymes and stories. They are reassuring. Unless you prefer for him a stay around the kitchen garden. Seeing a growing plant is so rewarding! In addition your little naturalist loves to dig and blot ...
  • Larger, around 6-7 years, you can choose a thematic stay as Knights and Princesses, where he will play, tinker, disguise, or Shellfish for the outdoors.

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