How to establish your birth plan?

How to establish your birth plan?

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More and more midwives are advising future mothers to establish a birth plan. But what is it exactly? What is it used for ? How to write it? Here is some information that will answer these questions.

What is a birth project?

  • It's a recent concept in France, inspired by the United States. The birth plan is written by the future parents to define their preferences for the birth of their child. To know :
  • able to walk freely until the last moment
  • choose position childbirth
  • refuse the episiotomy, the rupture of the water bag artificially, to be shaved
  • an anti-pain technique other than epidural (breathing, acupuncture, hypnosis)
  • lDad's presenceeven in case of cesarean section
  • refusal of forceps or aspiration
  • The number of people present in the birth room (personal)
  • lput in the baby from birth for immediate skin contact.

What value does the birth project have?

  • This document, slipped into the folder medical, has no legal value. This is a moral contract between the parents and the doctor. It must be printed in multiple copies, signed by both parties and distributed to the staff present on the day of delivery.

Can the doctor refuse?

  • The doctor does not have to to accept all your requests, but dialogue is possible. However, if he categorically refuses the birth plan, you can still invoke L 1111-4 of the Public Health Code, stating that no medical act or treatment can be performed without your free and informed consent and that this consent may be removed at any time.

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