3 highlights of pregnancy

3 highlights of pregnancy

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First kick of your baby, first echo, first little pajama bought ... the pregnancy is full of moments that will make you vibrate. The decoding of our specialists.

First kick: a magic moment

  • For many moms, this is the most magical moment, when they feel the first kick of their future baby, a bit like saying, "Hey, here I am!" From this moment, the pregnancy becomes much less abstract.

The look of Myriam Szejer, psychoanalyst

  • This first kick that we feel opens a new era in pregnancy: that of communication. From this moment, the mother - dad too! - can really exchange with her baby, establish a true two-way relationship. The pregnancy becomes concrete, the baby really present.
  • How does this manifest itself? By the baby's responses to the solicitations of his parents when they touch him and caress him through the womb of the mother. For it must be known, the kicks that the fetus releases in the uterine wall are not only reflexes: they can also be voluntary, be his way of expressing himself. It is on this idea, moreover, that haptonomy rests.

The look of Caroline Chaine, gynecologist

  • In general, a mother feels her baby moving around the 22nd week. And once it has started, it manifests itself in principle every day, often at the same time, by the way. The fetus has its little routines! These movements are very reassuring: they attest to the vitality of the baby. If it happens that we do not feel it move for several hours (more than twelve hours at the end of pregnancy), we must worry and consult.

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