Pregnant: 24 tips to wake up light

Pregnant: 24 tips to wake up light

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Chocolates, frozen log, stuffed capon ... there is no question of depriving you of these delights of end of the year. Here are 24 dietary and health tips to wake up your heart.

1. Eat two times better yes, but not for two

  • Of course, everything you swallow should in principle allow your baby to evolve, but no question of giving in to all your cravings for cream cakes on the pretext that you feed two people in one. Stay reasonable!

2. Carbohydrates, it's good

  • Potatoes, pasta, rice, cereals ... are the main fuel of the fetus. To you too, they bring energy! Find them at each meal, festive or not, because contrary to popular belief, they will not make you fat ... unless you drown them under the oil or in the cream! This is also recommended by the National Nutrition and Health Program (PNNS) of the government: increase the intake of carbohydrates so that they contribute to more than 50% of your daily energy intake. And on Christmas Eve, pick up some chestnuts again.

3. Sweet sugar

  • They are called simple carbohydrates. These are sugars naturally present in milk (lactose) or fruits (glucose, sucrose, fructose). They are part of the composition of sweet foods (confi-tures, flavored dairy products ...). While they bring energy immediately, but they do not satiate long. Above all, they vary greatly the blood sugar level, yours and your baby's. No question of completely removing these foods-pleasure: a sweetness from time to time has never hurt anyone!

4. Essential fatty acids at your table

  • When we talk about fatty acids, we do not always know if it is good (mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, typical of vegetable fats or marine animal fats) or bad (saturated fatty acids, fats The essential fatty acids, the good ones, are indispensable for the development of the nervous tissues of the embryo and the fetus. They are mainly found in seafood and, of course, some vegetable oils (evening primrose, borage, sunflower, safflower, walnuts, soya, flax, rapeseed ...). So do not hesitate to season your salad (reasonably all the same!).

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