Hemorrhoids: 4 tips to prevent them and get rid of them

Hemorrhoids: 4 tips to prevent them and get rid of them

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Hemorrhoids, just like constipation, are part of the potential annoyances of pregnancy. Generally painful, they usually occur in the third trimester. However, they are not a fatality. Some tips, preventive and curative, can indeed relieve hemorrhoids.

1. To avoid hemorrhoids, eat a varied and balanced diet

  • In general, it is advisable to eat healthy when you are pregnant. This recommendation is all the more justified in case of hemorrhoids attacks. To prevent this problem, be sure to eat foods rich in vegetable fiber, especially apples and bananas consumed in compotes, green vegetables, red fruits or dried fruits (including prunes). Also bet on vegetable oils that promote the thinning of blood: linseed oil, walnut oil or hemp oil. Finally, avoid as much as possible deli meats, whole rice, alcohol (obviously pregnant!), Coffee, as well as spicy foods that tend to promote the appearance of hemorrhoids.

2. To prevent hemorrhoids, do not forget to hydrate yourself enough

  • Constipation and hemorrhoids are two interrelated issues. Also, if you prevent any risk of constipation, you have a high probability of avoiding hemorrhoids. For this, one of the essential tips is simple: hydrate your body throughout the day. Ideally, it is advisable to drink at least 1 liter and a half of water a day. You can perfectly vary the pleasures by tasting herbal teas, infusions, broths or fresh fruit juices.

3. Do you have hemorrhoids? Practice a physical activity!

  • During pregnancy, exercise is essential for maintaining fitness, but also for morale. Another advantage, and not least: thirty minutes of daily exercise can relieve hemorrhoids attacks, by acting directly on the bloodstream. After having first asked your gynecologist or midwife for advice, bet on activities compatible with pregnancy: walking, water aerobics, yoga or even dancing.

4. Ice cubes to relieve painful hemorrhoids

  • The trick is simple, fast and very effective: put a handful of ice cubes in a glove or a towel that you apply gently on the painful area (make sure that the ice cubes are not in direct contact with your skin). Thirty minutes will be enough to stop the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation as often as necessary.
  • In the same vein, you can also perform sitz baths in chilled water with ice cubes. After 5 minutes, you will feel the pain of hemorrhoids decrease.

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