He "speaks" already!

He "speaks" already!

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Speaking with sounds, words, phrases, requires many skills. Your child will acquire them without difficulty during his first years. These first three months, he is already expressing himself in his own way.

At birth ... what he tells you

  • For the moment, it must be admitted, his repertoire is quite limited! In terms of speaking, your newborn is content with cries and tears. But already, his first vocal manifestations can take on different meanings, from hunger to pain to anger. This is a communication, certainly embryonic, but very real.
  • He proves… that his speech organs have not yet reached maturity. Indeed, the voice duct of the newborn does not present the curvature at right angles essential to the development of the articulated language: for him, this organ has rather the shape of an arc. His tongue is also very annoying, because it is big and takes up most of the mouth. Finally, the muscles needed for speech - especially those that control the lips - are not fully operational. That's why your baby does not speak from birth!

At birth ... what he hears

  • A few days ago, a toddler makes the difference between two syllables as close as "ba" and "da", or between "biba" and "babi". How do we know? Thanks to the work of researchers. The latter made the infants hear the sound "ba", several times in a row. At first, the small listeners greedily sucked their lollipops, a sign of their interest. Then, tired by the tune, they slowed the pace. But, as soon as they were sent a new sound, in this case "da", they sucked more beautiful, proof that they had perceived the novelty.
  • He proves… that he is not content to be passive in the face of the voices he perceives around him. He immediately begins to extract sounds, from the words he hears, even if, of course, he is not at all aware of what he is doing. Your toddler learns very soon to the language, without his knowledge or almost! Not surprising, since his brain is programmed for this: the little man is born with provisions written in his genetic code to "treat" the language.

How to answer him

  • In the immediate future, your baby can not communicate with wordshe can not answer you intelligibly. But that should not stop you from talking to him: we understand that he does not hesitate to dissect and analyze all the sounds in the messages you send him!
  • Do not hesitate to introduce him to all other forms of nonverbal communication : the look, the gestures, the touch, the caresses, the expressions of the face. They are very important supports of language that can not exist without them.

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